A Vision of Paradise

When Andy Warhol calls you “The most fantastic man in the world,” your private island has a standard to live up to. Huntington Hartford created The Ocean Club in 1962 on the island he’d purchased just a few years earlier. He envisioned a destination more beautiful—and much closer—than the French Riviera.

Tropical Tapestry

Paradise Island’s five miles of white sand beach accentuates the natural beauty on display, complementing the blue of the ocean and the lush green of the Versailles Gardens. 


Activities for All

The list of Paradise Island’s offerings is as long as its sugar sand beach.  On one end of the island, the excitement of the casinos and family activities of Atlantis; on the other, the acclaimed Ocean Club Golf Course. In between, enjoy virtually every imaginable activity under the sun – and Paradise Island gets a lot of sun.

Conveniently Secluded

Pass through the gate of the Sidney Poitier Bridge from Nassau, which connects The Bahamas’ capital to Paradise Island, and a luxurious respite awaits. Easy to get to but hard to leave, once you’re on the island, finding your paradise is a pleasure.